[VIDEO] RM1380 : the hull mannequin conception


Friday’s video on RM1380 building process, step 1: the mannequin assembly!

RM Yachts building process is very specific, not to say unique. Only at RM Yachts will you see such processes.

Starting the building process of the RM1380, our flagship, is a great opportunity to review the different steps of our plywood-epoxy building technique.

Step 1: the hull mannequin. What is this made for?

Hull mannequin – as shown in our video – is built to receive all the hull pieces, should it be the numerous plywood panels or the iron structure for the keel(s).

Once all the plywood panels are set, they are bonded to each other with epoxy sealing. Once this sealing is done, the planking comes and completes the hull.

This is at this very moment that one can see the hull taking its future shape. The planking are themselves stratified with a thin layer of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Right after this is ready, the next step is “demolding”.

Note that one of RM Yachts specifications is the material we use to build our yachts: it’s mostly plywood, impregnated with epoxy. RM Yachts is the sole yard using this technique to build cruising yachts.

In the next episode, we’ll show you the progress made in the RM1380 building, and review more building steps to better outline what is specific to this process.

Stay tuned!

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