How to choose the best coastal cruising sailboat?

Selecting your family cruiser for coastal cruising and port-hopping

Coastal cruising enables you to get closer to the shores and explore all treasures that coastline has to offer. This kind of navigation requires an easy-to-handle yacht, whatever the weather conditions, also offering some real comfort to all crew members over a few days and nights onboard (day sailing trips, weekends, etc.).

RM Yachts are remarkable in that area, making them part of the best coastal cruising sailboats you can find, thanks to the variety of appendages that are available:

  • Twin-keel sailboats: this type of keel is great for grounding. Playing with the tides, you can envisage to spend a night on a beach, being fully stabilized without the need of cranes.
  • Lifting keel sailboats: this appendage is greatly appreciated by coastal cruisers looking after a reduced draft. You can get closer to the shore, and explore hidden coves and creeks, for magic nights at mooring!

What is the best size of sailboat for coastal cruising?

When choosing a cruising sailboat, its length is part of the factors to take into consideration. Beyond moorings, coastal cruising also means sometimes to find refuge in harbors or marinas. Average-sized sailing yachts, from 29ft to 35 ft, will easily find space between two pontoons, maneuvering at ease in close quarters.

Find the best coastal cruising sailboat for your journey in our range:

  • RM890+: fast yacht of about 29-30 feet
  • RM970: our 32-footer and great family liveaboard
  • RM1070+: a beautiful 35-footer, also ideal for bluewater cruising

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