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RM Yachts: used monohull sailboats for sale

Acquiring an RM sailing yacht is always an exciting perspective! Whether it’s a brand-new model or a second-hand. If our building process is quite long, it’s because we pay due attention to the quality of our products – all our plywood monohull sailboats are thoroughly built by our expert team in our French shipyard since 1989.

The good news is that you will still benefit from quality when acquiring a used RM. Why? Because we observe that most of RM owners do take care of their yachts! A well-maintained second-hand cruising yacht could be the best option for your blue water cruising plans! Or any of your plans, actually (coastal cruising, world travel, etc.).

A subsidiary of Grand Large Yachting group – just like RM Yachts – GLS (Grand Large Services) is a company specialized in the services dedicated to RM owners, should it be brand-new or second-hand sailboats. Not only their expert team knows RM yachts in-and-out, and will be able to help you find your dream liveaboard sailing yacht, but they will also be helpful when it comes to maintenance and/or refit: spare parts, options to be added, etc.

They offer a wide selection of used monohull sailboats for sale, which is kept updated on a regular basis, so that you have access to an international database of yachts fitting your expectations.

Quality and sustainability: find the best used sailboats under 50 feet

Because RM yachts are well-built, using our plywood-epoxy construction technique, their quotation on the second-hand market is significantly higher than GRP-made typical white-hull family cruisers. More affordable than a brand-new RM, a second-hand RM sailing boat represents a smart investment, and her sale will be even easier once you have completed your port-hopping or ocean crossing plans.

Of course, should you buy today a pre-owned RM yacht, GLS will also be there the day you want to sell her! And maybe help you find your next used family liveaboard sailboat or buy a brand-new model! In the latter, our sales team remains available to help you configure your dream boat and see what financial solution is best for your budget.

Used or new, buying an RM yacht is always a good idea! Have a look at our used monohull sailboats for sale (30ft, 32ft, 35ft, 40ft, etc.) and find the best boat for your sailing plans.

2016 RM Yachts 1270
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TAVROS RM 1270 – 2016 – QUILLE RELEVABLE - CONTREPLAQUE EPOXY A BOUCHAIN – 1ère Main, Pavillon Français – TVA Européenne payée disponible IMMEDIATEMENT aux Sables d’Olonne Le RM 1270 est toujours signé du cabinet d’architecte naval Marc Lombard. Il intègre cette fois une étrave…
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2021 RM Yachts 970
219900€ Read more

A beautiful 2022 edition RM970 "performance" full equipped - In the NEW condition -single keel version - available IMMEDIATELY at the yard in La Rochelle. This cruiser/racer will offer you everything: safety, speed, brightness, habitability, all with a panoramic view of the interior due to…
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2013 RM Yachts RM 1260
247000€ Read more

RM 1260 – 2013 – MONOQUILLE Excellent état, super équipé, bien entretenu et prêt à partir ! TVA France -Européenne acquittée – Pavillon Français – Premier propriétaire 2 Cabines – Local technique Un superbe voilier conçu par Marc LOMBARD et construit par RM YACHTS à…
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2019 RM Yachts 1180
269000€ Read more

OXO RM 1180 – 2019 – MONO QUILLE BI SAFRAN - CONTREPLAQUE EPOXY A BOUCHAIN 1ère Main, Pavillon Français – TVA Européenne payée disponible IMMEDIATEMENT Le RM1180 est une des dernières carènes dessinées par l’architecte Marc Lombard pour notre chantier. Fortement inspiré des voiliers de…
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