Tuesday, live from the yard with Cozcatl!


Today we’re back with a new RM970+, hull #37, baptized “COZCATL”. She’s in our yard with her beautiful water-blue color, handpicked by her future owner, who tells us about the story behind her name:

“Twenty years ago, we were living in Mexico. We’ve been truly fascinated by this county, its pre-Colombian culture, and more specifically its Aztec civilization. Aztec people used to live there, in the country that we today name Mexico. Their language was Nahuatl, which has become over the years a local regional dialect.

A few years later, we’re back in Europe, and have to choose a name for our first boat. Our inspiration was clearly fostered by the Aztec world and the great memories we had in mind.

However, the word “boat” or “ship” strangely does not exist in Nahuatl, although Aztec people used to sail. We incidentally discovered the word COZCATL, which literally means “jewel”. A perfect match for our first boat, as we obviously considered her as a precious jewel! Not to mention the Breton consonance (“COZ”) that we also liked.

Sometimes, we’re asked “from what part of Celtic world does this name come?”. “Mexico!” we answer, laughing.

COZCATL I has sailed around the Atlantic Ocean, and she was a beautiful little boat. COZCATL IV, our RM970, is the 4th of this name. And undoubtedly the nicest one!

What about yours? How did you name your boat? Let us know in comment!

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