[RM Story #15]


Every Friday we share a real story lived by RM Yachts owners.

Today, it’s about « Pikou Rous », an RM1050 built in 2008. Her owners are a couple from Brittany.

Together, they’ve visited Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Ireland and recently the Azores archipelago.

They frequently share their on-board short-handed experience.

NB:  this yacht’s owner is a proud member of AVRM, a non-for-profit organization federating some RM Yachts owners. More info on: https://rm-asso.org 

This time we’re heading toward Iceland, where they cruised in 2013.

Monday, the 24th of June, 2013: Seyðisfjörður

5 days already in this country, and 5 beautiful ones! We can’t enough of what we see. Back from a trek up in the mountains, we passed the 1500-feet peak giving access to Seyðisfjörður fjord, with 39°F and an english fog, which progressively disappeared when we went downhill.

Wednesday, the 26th of June, 2013: sailing along the East Coast. 

Yesterday we had an exhilarating sailing day: a lot of sun, just wearing hoodies, amazing scenery, a flat-calm sea under a marine blue sky, crossing way with a whale!

Sunday the 7th of July, 2013: Still in Husavik ! 

We rented a small SUV to explore the northern part of the fault: traces of screes, resulting from a massive flood, 2000 years ago. Boiling waterfalls, smoking pits, and geothermal pools in lava basins, with fumaroles in the background…

Read more about their Iceland trip here: http://pikourousenislande.blogspot.com/

Read their story about English Channel crossing: https://www.rm-yachts.com/en/rm-story-9-today-its-about-pikou-rous-an-rm1050-built-in-2008-her-owners-are-a-couple-from-brittany/

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