[RM Story #22 with Rayon Vert]


After a 5-year round-the-world cruise, they’re back in France, in Dieppe !

Last January, we we telling you about the beginning of Anne and Jean-Pierre’s story, leaving on Rayon Vert, the RM1060 #24.

Before we go into details with their trip, let’ have a look at this short video, showcasing their arrival back in Dieppe, 5 years exactly after they day they slipped lines, on the 1st of August 2016.

“We were happy to go and are equally happy to come back. Our last port of call was Brazil, and we just did a pit-stop in Fécamp, the last one before Dieppe. We’ve been away for 5 years, as we started this adventure on August the 1st, 2016”.

Have a look at this video on French news TV:

What about you? Do you happen to have your own on-board RM story to share?

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