Tuesday at the shipyard!


For those of you who are still wondering about our building process, here is a mock-up (scale 1/50, showing the plywood core we use for all our yachts.

Every single piece of plywood is coated with epoxy, for a perfect watertightness and a contribution to the overall stiffness.

This hull then welcomes an iron structure to support the keel(s), to finally be bonded with the deck which is – like all the structural bulkheads – stratified. All this ends forming one piece, resisting to all efforts.

If this is of interest for you, please visit our brand new website, for more pictures and explanations: https://www.rm-yachts.com/concept-rm/

And if you really want to see it happen in real life, you’re welcome at the shipyard for a private visit!

See you soon

The RM Yachts team