[Tuesday live from the yard!]


It’s time today for this RM970 #33 to be keeled before heading to South of France, Sainte Marine being her next destination.

What’s the story behind her name? Here are her owner’s words:

“Baptizing a boat is always the source of numerous family discussions. Especially for our family, as we do our best to play with words and add some humoristic touch.

For instance, our previous boat, an A31 from Archambault, had been named “Alibi”, with a cap A in a similar font as the one from the shipyard logo. “In Blue” was the name of a previous Beneteau, with the same approach. So here comes our brand-new RM, for which we wanted to use an R and an M. “aRMor”, “heRMine”, “ReMember”, “beRMuda”, we tried a lot…and had good fun! We finally opted for “ReMake”, since we had a chance to sail the RM970#9 and customized our own yacht based on the same specs: black and white hull, orange appendages, but a wheel helm instead of a tiller”.

What’s the story behind your yacht name? Let us know in comment or MP!

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