NAUTIC DE PARIS 2022 - 3-10/12/2022 - NEW RM1380

Tuesday, live from the yard!


Every Tuesday we share live news from what’s happening in our premices: building process steps, yachts ready to splash, stories behind boats names, etc. There’s always something on at RM Yachts!

Our goal is to deliver your dream boat in the best conditions and due timing.

Today, let’s have a look at the story behind the name of NALA, the RM970 hull #38, with her lovely pale green lacquer!

“The two RMs we personally own (Nocti and Calidris) have been named in relation to personal stories. But when it comes to the ones that we buy for our charter business, we have a totally different approach.

The name has to be quite short, easy to pronounce (over the VHF for instance), and we do our best to avoid names which could be confused with other boats of our rental fleet. When you have 20 yachts departing on the same Saturday, believe us, that helps a lot!

Sometimes, the name has a real meaning that we like. For instance, the RM1180 we bought two years ago is named Virgo, referring to the eponymous constellation (Virgin). Another boat is named Enez, which means Island in Breton.

Sometimes the sound takes it all. And that’s the case for NALA. We found it pleasant to pronounce. As pleasant as a summer cruise”

Sophie and Thomas own and run Iloria Bretagne, the leading charter company (bareboat rental) in Lorient, Brittany. They are RM big fans!

What about you? How did you name your own boat? Let us know in comment!

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