Tuesday, live from the yard!
voilier contreplaqué époxy RM Yachts


Tonight, an illustrated flash-back on the RM1070 hull#60 demoulding. That’s one of the first steps of our building process.

Before that, the plywood parts are placed on the “mannequin”.

These parts are then bonded with epoxy, as well as the plankings, stratified with a thin layer of glass fiber and epoxy resin. Once this has been done and checked, we proceed to the demoulding phase (the hull being turned upside down).

Want to know more? Check this video featuring our General Manager, Martin Lepoutre, and the head of our engineering team, Edouard Delamare, detailing all the steps of our unique building process. In other words, how to get the best of this fantastic material: wood!

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