[This tuesday, lives from the shipyard!]


No later  than yesterday, this RM970 hull #32 left our yard ! With her atypical hull deco, she headed toward the closest  harbour :  La  Rochelle

We already had shared the story behind her  name, remember the owner’s words :

« Serendipity is my third boat, but actually the first one I have the chance to baptize. I have to admit it’s almost harder to find a name for one’s boat than to find a name to a newborn baby!

We discussed it internally with my family, and then came Serendipity.

A truly English word which defines happy joyful discoveries, made by accident or sagacity. American land found by Christopher Colombus is a perfect example.

So, yes, we do hope that this RM will generate a lot of these unexpected discoveries, together with long surfs on the swell and memorable moorings with friends ».

Stay tuned as  we will continue to  share news about this yacht. In the meantime you can also read the latest RM Stories here : https://www.rm-yachts.com/en/rm-stories-2/

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