[RM STORY #21] Why we have chosen an RM1060 to sail around the world? With Rayon Vert, RM1060 #24


    Anne and Jean-Pierre have sailed around the world between 2016 and 2021 on « Rayon Vert », an RM1060. We’ll tell you the whole story, but let’s start with the beginning: why did they choose an RM for their trip?

From a technical standpoint, our yacht had to be able to sail around the world, but not only that!

She had to be easily maneuverable, by a short-handed crew made of a couple of young retired!

Choosing a wood-made boat was driven by the capacity to find someone able to repair the hull, just in case. It’s probably easier to find this skill rather than for iron or aluminum, for instance.

The other decision we assumed was a no-brainer was the twin-keel option. Similar performance but capacity to ground the boat and do the hull maintenance without needing a crane.

Other specs were on our list: a dedicated aft area where to store spare parts, a real chart table to prepare and follow our passage planning, and deck plan organization for easy maneuvers.

But beyond technical aspects, life aboard is equally important! We were looking for a boat matching our criteria, and the RM1060 happened to tick all boxes.

Luminous interior, panoramic vision, numerous storages in the kitchen, but also in other parts of the boat where to stow equipment, maintenance items, not to mention food for one month at sea!

As you see, numerous criteria are to be taken into account when choosing a yacht for a 5-year round-the-world trip.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit Rayon Vert’s blog, including their check-list for such a trip : https://rayonvertdieppe.wixsite.com/rayonvert/les-indispensables

Coming soon: another article on the beginning of Rayon Vert’s trip, back in 2016.

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