[RM Story #17, all the AVRM meetings]


Every Friday we share a true story lived onboard an RM by an owner.
This week it’s not about one story, but multiple ones, currently happening by numerous owners.
AVRM, an independent non-for-profit organisation gathering RM owners, is organizing member-driven rallies.
The first one is, at the time we’re writing, between the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel, heading to the Scilly.
The second one departed yesterday from Port Camargues, in the West Med, sailing toward Porquerolles, East Med. There will be a second leg to Sardinia later this month.
If you’re  already an RM Yacht owner and would like to join, feel free to contact AVRM for further details.

Official website of the AVRM : https://rm-asso.org/ and their forum where you will find a lot of information and answers to your questions: https://rm-asso.org/forum/index.php

If you’re not an RM Yacht owner yet, feel free to join us, no problem we can fix that! https://www.rm-yachts.com/en/contact-en-info/

Find here all the AVRM meetings: https://rm-asso.org/cpg15x/index.php?cat=2

Speak to you soon
The RM Yachts team

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