RM Stories #6, Khelios, RM 1370 n°9


Nicolas Boidevézi is a French navigator, professional skipper and a reputed explorer. Last November, he chartered an RM1370 from Alternative Sailing and together with a crew of 5 took part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC). Here is an extract from their log on the starting line, and a link to the extended story in his blog.

If you are interested, he’s looking for crew to sail back this boat to France in May 2021. https://www.nicoboidevezi.com/#!/contact

Position 25°39N – 18°15W, speed 7.6 knots, 2494 miles to go.

Monday, Nov 23, 1PM.

For the 5 crew members on Khelios, it was like a jump in the unknown! A very nice start indeed, with great weather conditions, under the silent surveillance of the Gran Canaria’s volcano, in the middle of a 53 yachts fleet.

We’re heading South, everyone getting used to his role, and as a welcome bonus to the Atlantic Ocean, a fantastic sunset to end this wonderful day.

We hoist our asymmetric spinnaker in the northerly breeze, getting stronger once we sail past the island southern edge. No time for rest guys, we are not in competition!