[MasterClass RM] What they say about…


There were 7 of them.

7 « students » to participate in our MasterClass in partnership with François Gabart and Voile Magazine on our twin-keel twin-rudder RM1180.

If you did not get a chance to read the magazine yet, you can still try and buy it from the nearest bookstore, or download the electronic version. Should you prefer the movies to the text, please be patient for another few days until we release the « extended version » film of this navigation lesson.

Until then, here are the testimonials of 3 of them:

« An extraordinary day for ordinary people! I really enjoyed the plywood building process explanation, which is, from a technical standpoint, a very good concept, I believe. It comforts me about my recent decision (I just signed for an RM970). On the water, everything seems so easy and simple with François! A very good pedagogue indeed, sharing top tips and just happy to be there from what I saw, enjoying his time as we all did ».

Yvan Dusserre, Cannes

« A fascinating day! I already had a chance to visit the yard previously, but such an in-depth tour was clearly a privilege. Not to mention the navigation with François Gabart on the RM1180. As I happen to own one too, I’ve been listening very carefully to his sail-trimming tips! Lessons learned? The do’s and don’t’s, especially with the spinnaker snuffer. And I personally loved Marc Lombard’s speech, what a great Man! »

Laurent Beyssat, Nantes

« I happen to be the happy owner of a 30-year-old RM900, I kind of love theses boats, even if they have evolved a lot. What a day! Can’t you still see the sparks in my eyes? Haha! Navigation time was very short – at least this is the impression I had – so I did my best to note every single tip shared by François. It sounds so easy when he explains things! I also enjoyed the yard tour very much, with plenty of passionate people. If you’re looking for students again, please let me know!

Laurence Boyer, La Rochelle