[Live from the yard with Chipitawa, RM970 #36]


Today we’re talking about the RM970 #36, “Chipitawa”, and her owners tells us the story behind her name.

“Our kids say, as a joke, that this name means “blue boat” in Maori. In fact, it’s a game we play with them. It’s about passing an object to someone, explaining that it is a Chipitawa. The person you give it to must ask “a what?”. The giver must repeat “it’s a chipitawa”. And the receiver must repeat “ah ok a chipitawa”, and then turn to someone else, saying “it’s a chipitawa”. To be continued!

Yes, it sounds a bit stupid, said like that, but we actually had a lot of fun playing it”.

What about you? What’s your boat name? And the story behind? Let us know in the comments!

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