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A profession, know-how, men and women - Victor Barriquand - Engineering Office

Yard - published on friday 08th november 2019

Can you show us your work at the Study Bureau?
I have been working for seven years with Edouard Delamare, head of the study office. Being only two people in the design part, our daily life is varied, diverse and complementary. I tend to say that we have three main areas of activity:
The first topic is obviously to work on our new models of sailboats with the Lombard Cabinet. It is an almost daily exchange to develop an efficient and comfortable boat. This ranges from the vane at the head of the mast to the keel bulb, through the structure, deck plan, interior furniture design, networks etc.
The second topic is to exchange with the workshop to improve and simplify the construction processes, answer questions, help to develop methods, so it is also a field work. Finally, our third major topic is to respond with commercial strength to specific customer requests within the limits of what is obviously possible to do. The real asset and challenge of working in a design office is the very thin line between drawing and manufacturing in a workshop.



What is your background?
I started with a first professional career in industrial design and more specifically in the world of product design. This led me to work on a wide range of projects (furniture, transport, sports equipment, etc.) and in various structures, particularly abroad in Mali and South Korea. It was an exciting adventure.
When I returned, I wanted to use his skills acquired in the naval design department. For this reason I joined the DPEA in naval architecture in Nantes and then joined the firm of Architecture Marc Lombard for a few months. An opportunity finally allowed me to join the RM site. Passionate about sailing, I have a real interest in getting involved in the design and manufacture of these sailboats.


How do you stay awake, how do you renew?
The issue of renewal and evolution is a real issue. We must constantly build on our experience, but propose new approaches. It is important to always ask the right questions, and to propose changes. With Edouard, we are constantly monitoring new processes, new trends, etc.
I also participate in boat shows to be in contact with customers, listen to what they ask, their expectations, their desires. It’s always a source of inspiration. Finally, I completed a offshore racing project by finishing the 2017 Mini Transat and I keep in touch with the sailing world, because there too, it is crucial for us to understand the innovations, to test the solutions and to be able to see how to generalize them on our sailboats intended for the general public. This is the spirit of the agreement we made with Merconcept and François Gabart.

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