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The RM 1180 # 1 is in the water !

Yard - published on thursday 04th july 2019

The new RM is now in the water, matt and operational. He was baptized Oroshi in tribute to the heroine of Alain Damasio's novel The Horde of the Contrevent.


Cut for speed, equipped with a carbon mat manufactured by Z-Spars, and aramid laminated sails developed by Incidence Sails, it holds all its promises of performance, comfort and ergonomics.


Its wide and powerful hull, its assertive design and its original color make it not go unnoticed ...
For customers interested in the tests, be careful, he has a "ball book" already very well filled.
As for production, the challenge is to produce 5 before the break in August and 12 before the end of the year.

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