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A job, know-how, men and women. - Pierrick Roy, production manager.

Yard - published on sunday 23th june 2019

Each month, the RM newsletter will show you a function, a job or a production trick explained by our companions. Because RM is primarily men and women, involved, passionate and competent. And that's what we want to share with you.


Pierrick Roy, Production Manager.



Your experience ?
I have always been passionate about industry and production techniques. I started my professional career in the field, at Delphi, then I chose to become a CESI engineer to orient myself towards the management and design professions. After my engineering degree, I worked successively at Thales and EDF, which allowed me to become an experienced manager. I arrived at Fora in May 2018 to take up a new challenge by taking a leadership position.


Your function in a few words?
Make sure our boats are made in time and quality. It sounds simple, but the RM manufacturing process is unique in Europe, perhaps the world. We assemble items that are often outsourced, and the supply chain is crucial for us. Any delay or missing is a real concern that requires us to juggle permanently. Finally, we remain a yard that handles a lot of wood, and is very little automated: we are really semi-industrial.


All industries are doing "just in time" now, so it's not unique ...
Yes, but boating is a very special industry, still very artisanal in some ways. The chance we have is to work mainly with the eco-system of La Rochelle and the entire west facade: we are constantly finding solutions. It is an eco-system that is unique in the world of sailing, with world leaders in their specialties. We are very proud to work with all these partners.


The 1180 innovates from an aesthetic point of view, but also from production. Can you tell us more?
We have changed many aspects that are invisible to the customer but improve the final quality. From the fastening systems of the vaigrages, through our hull construction, to the design of the parquet. In short, it was a big challenge. In terms of production, some parts of the process have been reversed in order to save time and quality. We try to work a lot with the teams to improve all that. We are progressing little by little.


Your challenges for this year?
Respect our ambitious production program, succeed in the industrialization of the RM1180, and manage the gaps that we will have in production. All the problems, the small delays as the imponderables of our suppliers, impact our chain of production and it is a real daily challenge to respect our schedule.

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