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A job, know-how, men and women. Owen Chabal, team leader for RM 1370

Yard - published on tuesday 16th july 2019

RM Yachts has decided to dedicate a dedicated team of 4 people to the construction of our RM1370 with a goal of 3 boats built in the year. Small meeting with Owen Chabal, the head of this dedicated team.


Can you introduce the RM1370 team?

The team consists of 4 companions: Gwendal Cabel, who is a mechanic-electrician, Corentin Daumas, who is a painter, Mederic Geffre, who is a carpenter, and me.



You are the head of this team. Can you tell us your background?


I first obtained a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Edinburgh and then became project manager for instrumentation of works of art for seven years. I finally switched to boating in 2018.


That was your first RM1370, what do you learn from it?

What has been very rich and new is the interaction with the client. We were able to meet him, discuss and understand what he wanted to do with his boat. It is both exciting and motivating for the team. For us, it also allows us to know what he expects, so to spend more time on certain aspects. Then, it’s obviously an adventure to build a boat from A to Z, and see all the steps. Each member of the team brings their expertise, and that allows everyone to progress.


Finally, we have not forgotten that we are in a shipyard where we manufacture sailboats other than RM 1370. Interaction with the rest of the companions is key: they help us in certain stages and we can give them a feedback on elements for which we will find new solutions. In the end, everyone is making progress.

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