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Once upon a time... The history of RM Yachts


Founded in 1989 by Jean-Claude Oudry, RM Yachts immediately stood out : an innovative material and construction method : epoxy impregnated marine ply with an internal metal structure ; a light interior, very pleasant to live in, with allround vision out. The RM900, the first model in the range despite somewhat agricultural appearance, surprises and seduces : the public saw the real qualities : speed, stability. And an agreeable life on board.


In 1995 the yard turned to Marc Lombard, well known for his racing yachts, to design a smaller boat : that became the RM800, a very pretty 8 meters sailboat  which retained all the good characteristics of its big brother, the RM900.

1998 - 1999

In 1998 Marc Lombard offered RM Yachts a very original design for a 35 footer, which became the RM1050 and was an amazing success : built until 2010, more than 100 examples came out of the yard.


In 1999 the RM1050 was voted « yacht of the year ».

2002 - 2004

2002 was an important year for the yard when it was taken over by Groupe Fora , and production was boosted.


In addition to the successful RM1050 the yard introduced the RM1200 in 2004.


2006: The yard continues its momentum and produces RM880.


With a growing range the yard takes a significant share of the european market : since the take over in 2002 turnover increased by a multiple of 6... And the RM1350 project is launched, the first incursion by RM Yachts into the 45 foot segment : the first of these superb cruisers was launched in July 2009.


2010 brought a new and important turning point, the violent crisis that hit the nautical market caused the yard to re-evaluate. RM Yachts decided to reorient its image and the concept of the boats by accentuating two characteristics :

1) elegance, seductiveness and purity of lines,

2) speed and performance.


In september 2010, the first expression of this new orientation was the RM1060, launched at the La Rochelle Boat Show : the success was instant, the press loved it, sales were made on the spot : and each year twice as many RM1060s have been sold compared with her illustrious predecessor, the RM1050.


In 2011, in conjunction with the new philosophy of the yard a move was made to new premises with new facilities to help with the continual improvement of the product.


On the strength of the success of the RM1060, RM launched the RM1260, another great success : in 2013 the RM1260 won the prestigious « European Yacht of the Year » award against all the big european yards ; 30 examples have been sold in the first two years !

RM1260 European Yacht Of The Year 2013



Directly inspired by the elegant RM1260, the yard launched the RM1360 at the La Rochelle Boat Show : the design is superb : the RM1360 was certainly the star of the show, and four orders were rapidly signed... The european press was once again impressed.


25th anniversary since the start of the RM story ; and going back to its roots (remember the RM900), the yard launched the RM890. Presented pre-production at the Paris Boat Show in December 2013, the new small model was received with great acclaim : 15 ordered in the first three months ! The RM story continues...


Once more a great year : the launching of the RM1070; this new boat causes the enthousiasm of press and clients. Inspired by RM890, RM1070 takes advantage of the design of this new generation : reversed sheer, inverted bow, integrated bowsprit : style and performance.
2015 is also the year which beats the record of turnover : the goal of €6,5 million will be reached !


After the launch of the RM890 and the RM1070, the RM yard is deciding to improve the RM1260 : new keel, new reverse bow, new interior design. The RM1270 was showed at the Grand Pavois and is now very successful.

2016 - 2017

The winter of 2016-2017 marked an important turning point in the RM history : the company moved into new premises of 5400 m², more adapted to the growth plans of the brand. This year, 45 RM will be produced on our new factory.


The years go on... and the successes too ! The RM970 is very appreciated : more than 20 orders in a few months, and the prize of the "European Yacht of the Year" was awarded in Düsseldorf in January 2017...

RM970 European Yacht Of The Year 2017



A year of break in the rhythm of outings, as a year of preparation for the RM1180. The opportunity to review the boat from top to bottom and to take into account customer feedback to do even better. However, this is a relative pause since the Paris Auto Show in December 2018 is an opportunity to discover the new RM890+, a substantial improvement in the "best-seller" of the range.


The RM1180 comes out at the end of the first semester, and the effect is immediate: more than 20 orders and a production that must adapt to the success of the boat. But the year is not over yet, so new things are coming…

The saga RM continues...

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