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Why RM are they recognized as exclusive yachts ?

The construction, approval of life on board, enjoy sailing, comfort at sea, interior lighting, speed, to mention only a few examples, make RM incomparable boats, so totally exclusive.

This exclusive dimension, becomes meaningful when we know that each RM is painted in the specific colour selected by its owner...

What are the benefits of a hull in epoxy / ply ?

The advantages of epoxy / ply are numerous :


  • Rigid and lightweight, for  high performance,
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation, it severely limits odors, condensation and noise,
  • "Eco-friendly" material, it impacts the environment much less than any other material,
  • Easy to repair, especially if you navigate to distant lands,
  • Solid, marine ply impregnated with epoxy provides outstanding resistance;  optionally for arctic navigation, it may even be covered with a layer of glass fabric / kevlar,
  • Customizable: each hull is painted in the color chosen by its owner.
Why other shipyards do not use all the epoxy CP ?

The industrial implementation of this method of construction requires very specific expertise, relatively complex;  in RM we have done this for 25 years and never cease to improve, no other yard has the same expertise.

How does one decide between a single or a twin keel RM ?

Everything will depend on your cruising program :


  • If you want to maximize performance, if you are in areas without tides, if the water depth is not a constraint, and if you do not plan to have to ask your boat to dry out;  then you will probably choose the single keel.
  • If you want to limit the draft, if you're seduced by the efficiency of the drift plane provided by the second keel, if you plan to put your boat on a beach or on a platform without using cradles;  then you would choose the twin keel.
What are the differences in performance between a single and a twin keel RM ?

VPP (polars) indicate differences of the order of 0.1 to 0.4 knots depending on the speeds and the wind in favour of a single In "speed tests" that we made with the two versions of the same boat, the single keel seemed slightly faster, but the difference was marginal.

In terms of behaviour, it is extremely difficult to feel a difference, even for skippers and experienced professionals who have often been "impressed" by the twin keel RM.

What real interest has this type of rig ?

Having a staysail ready, usually on a roller, has undeniable advantages : when the wind rises, rather than gradually roll genoa, (with all the very negative effects that this induces), simply roll fully the genoa and unroll the staysail.

Staysail can trim, rebalance the sail plan, reduce loading, and retain the performance of a perfectly trimmed sailplan; it is more performance, more comfort and more safety.

Does the presence of the staysail impede the passage of the genoa when tacking ?

Below 5 to 6 knots of true wind, the passage of Genoa can sometimes be slow and may require a crew member to go forward to help the sail round (which is not a problem, the wind is very low).

From 7 knots of true wind, the genoa slides very well on the thickness of the rolled staysail.

What is the advantage of the forward window ?

Unlike the vast majority of monohulls whose  coachroofs are "blind" to the front, all the RMs have a real windscreen.


This windscreen has considerable advantages :


  • Ability to watch from the inside, a key criterion for all ocean navigation,
  • Supply of light, spaciousness, no feeling of confinement,
  • Visibility in port or at anchor, looking outside,
  • Monitoring sails while navigating.
Does one risk of overheating inside in the sun ?

For RMs fortunate enough to sail in the sun, we offer  netting covers that insulate heat perfectly. Placed outside, on top of the plexiglass, these covers block radiation from the sun (UV and IR) and provide a nice freshness while still allowing you to see out.


These removable protections also have the advantage of preserving the outward visibility when you are in the cabin.

How does one order an RM ?

If you are considering buying a RM, you can contact your nearest agent or the RM site.


These initial contacts will be made by telephone, followed by a meeting or by email;  if you come to the site in La Rochelle, we will be welcome to visit the manufacturing plant and we will show you how RMs are built.

We define all the configuration that suits you best navigation program, expected performance, number of people on board, desired equipment, budget, mode of financing...

We will complete a detailed proposal as a basis for discussion between us then we will take note of your comments and suggestions and will end up with a detailed order we sign together.

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The order is it fixed, or can one change some options before delivery ?

At the signing of the order, we will tell you how to modify the options if you want : deadlines and procedures.

Your case will be assigned to our account manager who will be your single point of contact for all matters relating to the construction and delivery of your boat.

What is the delivery time ?

Generally, there will be a period of 8 to 10 months between the signing of the order and delivery of your boat.

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Is it possible to visit the site to follow the construction ?

We used to say you do not buy an RM, you have your RM built !

This is one of the advantages of purchasing an RM : you do not buy a boat already built, you can follow the construction of your boat from the site. Generally, we offer two to three visits that allow you to observe the main stages of manufacture.

How is the delivery ?

Delivery will take place at the Port des Minimes in La Rochelle, or, depending on your choice, the port closest to your home port agent.

Delivery includes many operations that usually take place over a week;  when your boat is ready, your agent or our commissioning crew spend a day with you to put the boat in hand and make a first date with you at the helm of your RM ...


Good sailing !

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