For over 20 years at RM, we imagined the original ships, efficient, more elegant.

In this spirit, we asked our architect Marc Lombard, in cooperation with our research, to achieve a "jewel" of 35 feet for experienced users who wish to sail on a sailboat cruise very powerful, elegant, and easy to master.

The specification that was drafted at the launch of the project was clear: to achieve one of the top 35 feet of the European market, offering a high-performance sailing, design a stylish and functional design, draw a boat race, great design attractive that differs from other, optimizing all the technical characteristics of the boat, said the environmental dimension of method of construction in PA.

The all-new 1060 RM surely respond to this challenge: the numbers speak, and the drawings are superb.

RM 1060 Characteristics
Architect Marc Lombard
  • Epoxy plywood shell
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Biquille / monosafran ou Monoquille / bisafran
  • Gréement de cotre avec trinquette
  • Interior panoramic view
  • With self-aligning rudder bearings bearings
  • Structural bulwark
Hull length 10,57 m
Overall Beam 3,99 m
Light weight 4400 kg
Bilge keel draft (mono-safran) 1,65 m
Draught monoquille (bi-saffron) 1,95 m
Main sail 33,6 m2
Genoa 38 m2
Staysail 19 m2
Fresh water tank 400 L
Fuel Tank 130 L

Roof elongated
Cockpit expanded
Bulwark integrated
Large trunk.
Genoa winches back,
Plexi side and front (windshield).

performance ergonomics for maneuvers
maximum security

space and volume,
gentle descent,
Access cab very comfortable,
abundant light,
exceptional outward visibility,
large closet,
kitchen area / chart table very functional.

welfare unique position to chart table
high brightness huge volumes of storage

tight lines and modern,
bulwark, a true "signature" of the boat,
aesthetic exterior and interior,
infinite choice of colors of hull,
very attractive interior decoration,
maximum use of natural light,
maximizing space and volume.

a look at "breathtaking" highly affirmed
personalization of the customer to taste light and space

inlets refined,
appendages (keels and rudders) profiles,
Hull epoxy plywood, rigid and lightweight,
large and powerful hull inspired racing yachts offshore,
2 versions: biquille / or monosafran monoquille / bisafran.

speed robustness
stiffness to the fabric, shape stability environmental performance optimized
efficiency of the drift ability to ask the boat (version biquille / monosfran)

Mat decreased balance G.V. / Genoa, staysail rig with cutter, cross trees.

excellent balance under sail reduction facilitated sails
efficiency of the wing in strong winds performance at all speeds

tight mesh of separate structural,
walls laminated directly onto the hull and deck,
galvanized steel structure with high surface,
bowling shoes expanded,
centering weight (tanks, batteries, ...)

lightness and rigidity limitation of the pitch
balance of the hull strength of the structure
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